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How to Shutdown Windows 8 -

Learn How to Shutdown Windows 8. Starting from Windows 8 there is difference in ways of use. Follow these easy step

s to shutdown your PC with windows 8.

The newly released Microsoft Windows 8 has a quite elegant design but yet so mysterious functionalities. These are

not very easy to perform. As a newbie on this new operating system, it is quite difficult to understand the basic concept which were also used in the previous operating systems of Microsoft. For me the biggest dilemma is the invisible ‘Start’ button which is now replaced by the new interface introduced by Microsoft and called ‘Metro UI’. Some people love this interface some still love old one.

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Safari Free Download -

Safari Free Download Latest Version Setup. Browse and surf web in more powerful way. Safari is one of most used bro

wser due to handy graphical interface.

We know apple is famous for its cool and interactive GUI in applications. This is the reason a whole community of p

eople is addicted to Safari Browser. Even today when more than 50% users are Chrome fans. Still Apple Safari has got loyal community. Safari browser is available for both windows and Mac.

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WinDJView 2014 Free Download -

WinDJView 2014 Free Download Latest Version Setup. It's document processing and collaboration tool. WinDJView

is compatible with all devices and browsers.

For those who don’t know what is DjVu, here is the small introduction about it. Well, it is a digital documen

t format like PDF but it has a very high compression technology. It has a very fine digital performance on your electronic device. It allows you to share your documents over the internet like scanned documents, high resolution photographs and any other digital documents.

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Adobe After Effects CS4 Free Download -

Adobe After Effects CS4 Free Download Latest Version Final Setup. Edit and enhance your motion videos. Develop exci

ting animations and image enhancements.

Adobe has always come up with some stunning applications and After Effects is one of those. With this tool you can

create and edit your videos in many ways. Adobe After Effects CS4 is the version that has come up with many enhancements. Now for switching from one workspace to another the tool has provided pull down menus. With these pull down menus flipping from one work space to another has become very easy.

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All Player 2014 Free Download -

All Player 2014 Free Download Latest Version Setup. Play any multimedia file. All audio video media formats are sup

ported. It's like universal media player.

All Player is a universal video player that supports almost all the known video format. Its smooth, light and gives

a high performance in video quality. The best thing about All Player is that it has auto subtitle generator which searches for the subtitles over the web and show up on your screen. It also supports the RAR files. if it couldn’t find the desired codecs for the video on your PC, it will request for codecs. The All Player is’nt dependent on the media player like other players do. It works on Direct X. It has a speech synthesizer that reads the subtitles for you which is probably called dubbing.