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.NET Reflector Free Download -

Get .NET Reflector Free Download Latest Version Setup. Decompile your .NET code. Convert .NET exe to readable C++/C

# code with .NET reflector decompiler.

If you are a .NET developer then .NET Reflector is the best tool you can ever have. The .NET Reflector a small soft

ware that lets you decompile and fix the code, it also lets you to decompile the frameworks, components and libraries. it is a time and money saver software, also it simplify the development by debugging into .NET source that you are working with. In that way you can find bugs and compiled code easily. It can also be used as a plugin in Visual Studio so you will be able to use debugging techniques on any assembly. So the source code is always available for the library. The best feature I like about it is that it supports C# and .NET 1.0, .NET 2.0 and even .NET 4.0

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JDK 1.6 Free Download -

JDK 1.6 Free Download Latest Version Setup. Develop and code desktop or server application. Java offers rich GUI, p

erformance and security which you need.

Java Technology is being mostly used in the work over the web development. Mostly all of the browsers including Chr

ome, Firefox and Opera work with the Java Development Technology but not only this all the development over the internet like instant messaging and on-line video games are being used by the Java Runtime Environment. Basically Java Runtime is the Environment provided by the Java which installs a Java Virtual Machine on your system, which is the platform that provides the user to create files like .Class and runs all Java Applications. So these applications that need Java Code and usually access your browser are called ‘Applets’.

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ArtCAM Pro Free Download -

ArtCAM Pro Free Download Latest Version Setup. It is used in CNC machines for Sketching, input and design of 3D CAD

. It supports 3D engraving of CAD object.

Artcam is basically the best software for designing 3D images from the conceptual sketches and art made Physically

on paper. There are some other software too but the best thing about Artcam is that it is more faster and scan images and process them in a quite less time time than others. With the help of Artcam you can work on your images and sketches with the Multi layered Relief Model, customizing vectors and libraries. For the CNC users, Artcam is the best software for modelling 3D images with a bunch of useful tools. It can be used in many field regarding to graphics and involves 3D engraving, Wood-maker Designs, Signs and logo Makers, Engraving items, Coinage. The Artcam is currently being used in many industries for its work in 3D modelling and Designing.

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Urdu to English Dictionary Free Download -

Urdu to English Dictionary Free Download Latest Version Setup. Find english words of urdu. Convert urdu sentences t

o english and empower vocabulary easily.

English is the Universal language that is used for communication between countries and people from different backgr

ounds. It is termed as the 1st global ligua franca as it has build bridges between different societies. On the other hand Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and one of the most widely spoken language of the world.

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CyberLink Power2Go 9 Platinum Free Download -

CyberLink Power2Go 9 Platinum Free Download Latest Version Setup. It's all in one Disc Burning tool. It Includ

es social Media backup and system recovery.

Cyberlink Power2go is a software that provides high-performance in burning and copying data on discs with safety me

asures that your data or disc wont be damaged. Power2go is not only used to burn the data on CD or DVD but it also makes the audio discs and converts the music for record albums. The best quality of Power2go is that it is fast and safely burns the disc without any damage. It can also be used as a backup tool like the pictures you uploaded on Facebook and videos online will be saved and ready to burn as soon as you insert a fresh disc. It is very easy to use and has a good looking interface with high-performance and innovative features