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Office OneNote 2010 Free Download -

Office OneNote 2010 Free Download Setup for windows. It is note taking software like a digital diary where you can

capture and save information easily.

Most of the people carry a notebook or a notepad for taking down notes whether for school, business or for personal

projects. Now is the time to say bye bye to notebooks and notepads as Office OneNote will take all your burden in one suite. Now you can take your notes in electronic form. Not only that you can write down notes but also can add the images related to your notes hence making your notes more appealing and eye catchy.

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AutoCAD Architecture 2011 Free Download -

AutoCAD Architecture 2011 Free Download Setup for windows. It is used by Architects to enable mega structure design

ing in efficient manner and quickly.

AutoCAD Architecture is a tool from Autodesk  main product i.e. AutoCAD. This application has tools and functions

specially designed for architectural purposes. The application enables a quick productivity. AutoCAD Architecture 2011 has documentation and design based on AutoCAD that will enhance an architect’s work. The software provides more tool than before thus enabling the architects to work in an efficient manner with some pace. For using and getting fruits out of this software is easy task as it is based on the familiar AutoCAD environment so no special training is needed.

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Autodesk Softimage 2014 Free Download -

Autodesk Softimage 2014 Free Download setup for windows. It helps professionals to create 3D characters in films, v

ideo games and in adverts industry.

Autodesk Softimage which is also popularly known as Softimage is an application for creating 3D designing and 3D an

imation. The software is used extensively for creating 3D characters in films, video games and in advertisements industry.

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Registry First Aid Platinum Free Download -

Registry First Aid Platinum Free Download Latest Version Setup For Windows. Prevent windows crashing and slow perfo

rmance due to incorrect registry values.

There are times when you become tired of the continuous crashing of Windows and also the slow performance of the sy

stem. All this happens due to the incorrect registry entries.

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LAN Chat Software Free Download -

LAN Chat Software Free Download Latest Version Setup for Windows. Communicate, chat, share file and messages with f

riends over LAN Network without internet.

LAN Chat software is used for exchanging messages in an office or in any other institution in real time. The applic

ation does not require internet connection or a specialized server for sending messages. The program works on the principles of conference. You can send private messages to anyone. The program requires a one range network for its operation.