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Inpage 2012 Free Download -

inpage 2012 free download software setup in single direct link. Type Urdu fonts in your PC easily. Write Urdu langu

age with inpage 2012 software download.

Inpage is a powerful tool for making and publishing documents written in Urdu and Arabic language. It also supports

Persian and English language. There are many other language in which you can create a documents. Sindhi and Pashto language can also be written in this tool. The documents can be created in a single or in a mixture of various languages.

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Kill Switch Free Download -

Kill Switch Free Download software setup in single direct link. Its handy application to auto shutdown pc with time

r. Kill switch is simple and easy to use.

Whenever you are encountered with prolonged scans at night you would have experienced that your system has to be ON

all night. As you can’t sit all night to check whether the scan is completed or not as it is a time taking activity. Programs like Kill switch comes in handy in such situations. Kill switch is an application which is used for automatically shutting down your system after a defined time has passed.

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Event Log Explorer Free Download -

Event Log Explorer Free Download software setup in single direct link. View PC event logs and hardware software eve

nts details. This helps to fix PC issues.

Windows Event Viewer Plus is a manageable freeware app. That allows you view Event Logs quicker and works more effi

ciently than the default built-in Windows Event Viewer.

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SkyDrive Free Download -

SkyDrive Free Download software setup in single direct link. Store files on Microsoft Cloud server. Share docs with

others and collaborate effectively.

Gone are the days when you had needed  to carry a portable storage device like USB or any other external device wi

th you for accessing your data on multiple devices from different places. Cloud-based storage technology has changed it all. Now you can store your data on virtual device without the fear of losing it.

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QuarkXpress Free Download -

Quarkxpress free download software setup in single direct link. It's graphic editor composed of multiple tools

for enhanced creativity in Graphics editing.

QuarkXpress is an intricate graphic editor which is composed of many tools which can be used for desktop publishing

. This program merges your colorful text writing, editing and typography with pictures in order to make a lively output.