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Visual Studio .NET 2003 Free Download -

Visual Studio .NET 2003 Free Download setup for Windows. It is designed to develop in real software supporting the

languages .NET C++ and ASP.NET etc.

Visual Studio .NET 2003 provides the software engineers to develop applications using the computer language and sup

porting different products as well. The interface is understandable by the user. Developers could write codes easily error free and debug it. this whole package comes in different languages English, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Italian and much more. It provides plenty of enhanced features. This also supports to build application for mobile phones. This software has reduced the IT cost, increases the efficiency in work and give so many features to edit ,make classes, web applications, mapping and windows form with tools provided by package.

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Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio Free Download -

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio Free Download Latest Version setup for Windows. It is the software to develop a

nd design circuits for Robots.

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio is the best software for the people who are related to Mechanical, Electrical a

nd Mechatronics fields. It allows you to design each and every circuit that will help you to make your robot work. There are some features that tell you how this machine will work in the physical world. This features is based on total physics which include weight and gravity. Also that if these circuits will work as together. It works with .NET frame work, so your robot can learn some movements with the help of simple code.

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Visual Basic 2005 Free Download -

Visual Basic 2005 Free Download ISO Setup for windows. VB 2005 is a programming language in which developers write

code and create software application.

Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition is a tool by which you can make some amazing applications for Windows. It serves

as a great starting point for all the programmers. This is a valuable in inexpensive tool that will set the stage for you to manoeuvre Visual Basic in a very simplified way.

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SharePoint Server 2010 Free Download -

SharePoint Server Free Download setup for windows. It is fresh way of working together introduced by Microsoft. Use

rs can work efficiently by collaborating.

SharePoint Server 2010 is a software for business person to work in team efficiently. They could share their docume

nts and feeds of their interest. This application makes the socialization easy. Provides you privilege to associate with your colleagues share your projects, documents, ideas, innovation so everyone can get benefit from your work.

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Speech SDK Free Download -

Speech SDK Free Download Latest Version Setup for Windows. Create speech recognition applications easily. Transform

spoken words into computer codes.

Speech SDK is the tool that is used to create speech recognition application. The kit is composed of many tools, co

mponents and lots of codes that help developers to create speech recognition apps in an efficient way.