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.NET Framework 3.5 Free Download -

.NET Framework 3.5 Free Download Full offline Setup package. It is required as prerequisite for applications compil

ed with .NET libraries.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is basically a tool that is needed for many application of windows which were develope

d and designed on .NET platform. In this new version there are lot of features that include Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Windows CardSpace. To avoid the breaking change of the framework the new features like new assemblies have been added. it has been integrated on LINQ and ASP, .NET and AJAX let you create efficient and great Web Applications.

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DirectX 11 Free Download -

DirectX 11 Free Download Latest version for Windows. DirectX is a software that is used to display images and diffe

rent kind of multimedia effects in games.

DirectX is an Application Program Interface (API) that has been released by Microsoft for the purpose of displaying

high quality images and video. It is mainly being used for the purpose of high definition games and movies. As the era of display technology is getting advanced day by day the need of DirectX is more desired. Unfortunately it can only be used on Microsoft Operating Systems but still it adds a spice of display in graphics of your PC. DirectX is usually pre installed on recent Operating Systems released by Microsoft but it needs to be update to get the new flavours of graphics. DirectX 11 is the latest version that has been released by Microsoft.

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Visual Studio 2005 Free Download -

Visual Studio 2005 Free Download Professional Edition with MSDN. Develop code in 2005 version of VB, C#, C++ and J#

. All extension and tools fully included.

Visual Studio 2005 is the very power development software for C++,  C# and J# developers. It is a very simple and

the best professional development software that lets you create data focused Client applications. It is also being used by many of organizations for the development of Webpages and Web services. People are using it for the n-tier applications and connect their systems with a simple web service. It has a very Integrated Development Environment but one can only develop software for their client if they use one of the super family of Microsoft Operating Systems.

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OpenCV Free Download -

OpenCV Free Download Latest Version setup for windows. Utilize library functions for real time apps. 2D/3D motion t

racking and digital image processing use.

Opencv is the best software which is released under the BSD license and is free for educational or even commercial

purpose. It is a very computer efficient and has a strong focus on the real time applications. it is enabled with Opencl and you can take the advantage of multi-core processing accessing through its library. Opencv contains many languages like Python, C++ and java interface. It supports all of the operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac.

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DipTrace Free Download -

DipTrace Free Download Latest version Setup for windows. Design and build circuit diagrams. DipTrace is used in ele

ctrical engineering for Schematic PCB.

DipTrace is a software that helps you to create systematic, schematic and circuit boards diagrams. This software is

available in many languages. like Czech, Russian and English. It is a PCB tool that would need a technical guy for designing logical diagrams. It is basically a tool for a guy who has a knowledge and skills in electronics.  It also imports images from other software that lets you design like LT Spice, CAD, Accel, Allegro, Mentor, Protel. It is very simple and easy to use because it has simple drag and drop functionality. Every item according to electronics and circuit boards is already present in this software. Its tool box contain a millions of tools also you can suggest them and send them your project if you have any difficulty.