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DipTrace Free Download -

DipTrace Free Download Latest version Setup for windows. Design and build circuit diagrams. DipTrace is used in ele

ctrical engineering for Schematic PCB.

DipTrace is a software that helps you to create systematic, schematic and circuit boards diagrams. This software is

available in many languages. like Czech, Russian and English. It is a PCB tool that would need a technical guy for designing logical diagrams. It is basically a tool for a guy who has a knowledge and skills in electronics.  It also imports images from other software that lets you design like LT Spice, CAD, Accel, Allegro, Mentor, Protel. It is very simple and easy to use because it has simple drag and drop functionality. Every item according to electronics and circuit boards is already present in this software. Its tool box contain a millions of tools also you can suggest them and send them your project if you have any difficulty.

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.NET Reflector Free Download -

Get .NET Reflector Free Download Latest Version Setup. Decompile your .NET code. Convert .NET exe to readable C++/C

# code with .NET reflector decompiler.

If you are a .NET developer then .NET Reflector is the best tool you can ever have. The .NET Reflector a small soft

ware that lets you decompile and fix the code, it also lets you to decompile the frameworks, components and libraries. it is a time and money saver software, also it simplify the development by debugging into .NET source that you are working with. In that way you can find bugs and compiled code easily. It can also be used as a plugin in Visual Studio so you will be able to use debugging techniques on any assembly. So the source code is always available for the library. The best feature I like about it is that it supports C# and .NET 1.0, .NET 2.0 and even .NET 4.0

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JDK 1.6 Free Download -

JDK 1.6 Free Download Latest Version Setup. Develop and code desktop or server application. Java offers rich GUI, p

erformance and security which you need.

Java Technology is being mostly used in the work over the web development. Mostly all of the browsers including Chr

ome, Firefox and Opera work with the Java Development Technology but not only this all the development over the internet like instant messaging and on-line video games are being used by the Java Runtime Environment. Basically Java Runtime is the Environment provided by the Java which installs a Java Virtual Machine on your system, which is the platform that provides the user to create files like .Class and runs all Java Applications. So these applications that need Java Code and usually access your browser are called ‘Applets’.

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DirectX Software Development Kit Free Download -

DirectX Software Development Kit Free Download Latest Version Setup. Develop multimedia application protocols for w

indows using DirectX SDK technology.

For handling multimedia on Microsoft computers, and smartphones efficiently there is a software named DirectX. It i

s consists of many application protocol interfaces like Direct3D, DirectPlay, DirectMusic, DirectShow etc for managing different types of multimedia connections between hardware and software.

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XNA Framework Free Download -

XNA Framework Free Download setup in single direct link. Build next generation games and develop games code easily

with Microsoft XNA Framework download.

Making games for users is not a piece of cake it requires some skills to develop a game. Professional find it diffi

cult and novices find it extremely hard as it requires lots of codes and programming to be done for the movement of your character. XNA Framework is a tool which is used by software developers to create games that are compatible with both Windows and Xbox 360. The key factor for developing this tool is to make the task of creating games as simple as possible.