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Scientific Workplace Free Download -

Scientific Workplace Free Download Latest Version Setup for Windows. It is scientific and mathematical text editor

software for students and teachers.

Scientific Workplace 5.5 is a software to make logical and scientific calculations and then generate into pdf docum

ent. User could publish on web with ease. It does so many things with plenty of tools present only for user to provide convenient environment to work on. Also you could do 2D and 3D plotting of statistical questions on  x,y,z coordinates. This software provides spelling checker to remove errors and generates biblography, table of contents, indexes and cross-references. Interface is easy to understand. User could quickly learn and get familiar with tools fastly.

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Oxford Talking Dictionary Free Download -

Oxford Talking Dictionary Free Download Latest Version setup for windows. Listen british pronunciation of words and

their phonetics quickly and easily.

English as we all know is a universal language. This language is serving as the communication bridge between people

who comes from different societies and countries. As this language is the main source of communication between people coming from different societies, it is very important for people all over the world to learn this universal language. The main thing that is important is how will you pronounce different English words. If you pronounce the words incorrectly then it will be difficult for the other person to understand completely what you want to deliver to him/her. For Basic version You can Download OXford Dictionary as well.

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Rosetta Stone Free Download -

Rosetta Stone Free Download Latest Version setup for windows. It is best software for learning languages and it sup

ports more than 30 basic languages.

Rosetta stone is the best software or you can call it a language tutor. You can learn more than 30 languages from t

his software at you home. it is a very helpful tool for the beginners and also has levels for people who know a lot. so it is a step by step method to learn any language. Learning from Rosetta Stone is easier because it lets you learn the new words and also recalls the older words that you learned from time to time. it takes your self test so you learn more and more. There are a lot of success stories of people who use Rosetta Stone. It has a wonderful interface and also teaches you to pronounce the new words. If you learned the words it will take you to next level which is making sentences and teaches you grammar.

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Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary Free Download -

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary Free Download For Windows. Learn British English and also improve spok

en English skills and work on pronunciation.

Cambridge Advanced Lea

rner’s Dictionary Overview

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Urdu Typing Master Free Download -

Urdu Typing Master Free Download Latest Version Setup. Learn to increase Urdu Typing speed easily. It helps you to

master urdu typing quickly in keyboard.

Way back in 90s when internet was 1st introduced in Pakistan all the website were in English. But as time go by Urd

u language placed itself in the world wide web. Now you can get loads of data in Urdu over the internet. This has been a blessing for those who are not familiar with English language.