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How to Reset Forgotten Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Password -

The first thing to do is download the ZIP file for PCUnlocker using another PC you can access. Nex

t, extract the contents of the ZIP file to a folder on your hard disk. Open the extracted folder in Windows Explorer, and you’ll see an ISO file named pcunlocker.iso that you need to burn to a CD (or USB).

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How to Use PhoneRescue to Recover Lost Data on iPhone -

Learn how to use PhoneRescue to recover lost data on iPhone. It is easy-to-use but powerful in recovering up to 22

types of lost data.

PhoneRescue is well designed to bring

your iPhone lost data back no matter how the situation turns out. It focuses on retrieving Personal Data, Media Data and App Data on iPhone, such as, messages, contacts, photos, music, app document and more. Thanks to its multiple recovery modes, PhoneRescue allows you to recover from iOS device, recover from backup and iCloud(which is coming soon). You can also get more detailed information about PhoneRescue on their company web. To retrieve your lost iPhone data you can download PhoneRescue from the Button below.

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How To View Source Code of .NET EXE -

Do you want to view source code of .net exe? Follow simple steps to decompile .NET EXE file. Then you can get actua

l C++ or C# full code of any .NET exe.

Well the software and Computer Science related guyz understand this concept. That if we are working in .NET and com

pile an application code writted in c++ or C#. Then after compiling and build we get .EXE file of .NET. Ever wondered how can we get back the source code of full c++ or c# application?

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How to Shutdown Windows 8 -

Learn How to Shutdown Windows 8. Starting from Windows 8 there is difference in ways of use. Follow these easy step

s to shutdown your PC with windows 8.

The newly released Microsoft Windows 8 has a quite elegant design but yet so mysterious functionalities. These are

not very easy to perform. As a newbie on this new operating system, it is quite difficult to understand the basic concept which were also used in the previous operating systems of Microsoft. For me the biggest dilemma is the invisible ‘Start’ button which is now replaced by the new interface introduced by Microsoft and called ‘Metro UI’. Some people love this interface some still love old one.

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How To Fix Selected File is Not a Valid ISO File Error -

Learn to fix selected file is not a valid iso file error. This issue comes in Windows USB DVD tool when selecting i

so file. Follow given steps to fix it.

Today most of people use USB or Pen drive for Windows Installation. Because it is fast, efficient and portable. Whe

reas burning on DVD trend is falling down. Microsoft launched their own tool to serve this purpose. The software named Windows USB DVD tool. But this tool gives a error which is becoming very usual and people are now shifting to alternatives.