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How to Integrate Internet Download Manager with Google Chrome -

Learn how to Integrate Internet Download Manager with Google Chrome. Steps for IDM integration in chrome are given.

IDM is very fast browser.

is a software that usually let you to download any file with a high speed. Its downloading items are divided into p

ackets. This a very useful tool which let you download multiple files at the same time without interrupting other. The best thing about IDM is that you can download any streaming video with in no time. With just one click you can maintain your downloads.

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How To Play Dual Audio Movies in VLC -

This tutorial will help you how to play dual audio movies in VLC player. VLC media player plays almost any video fi

le format. Play dual audio films easily.

First of all if you don’t have installed VLC Player installed then download it from here.

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How To Use Filezilla -

Learn how to use Filezilla FTP to transfer files between PC to server or vice versa. Use Filezilla to upload or dow

nload files easily with below steps.

how to use filezilla ftp

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How To Show Hidden Files in Windows 8 -

Learn How To Show Hidden Files in Windows 8. You can show hidden files, folders & drives In windows 8. Its real

ly easy to show hidden files in windows 8

Windows 8 has changed the way how we used to hide or un-hide the hidden files. Its difficult for new windows 8 user

s to find that folder option where they used to enable or disable visibility of Hidden files.

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How To Block or Unblock Someone on Facebook -

Learn how To Block or Unblock Someone on Facebook. Right now Facebook is working a lot on its privacy and security.

You can block people on Facebook easily.

The main reason behind that is people are creating too many fake accounts which is not good for them and also for t

heir users to get in link with their friends. Up till now Facebook has introduced many security and privacy function which is a big achievement. In this tutorial you will learn how to prevent someone from looking and interfering into your account. This method is called Blocking or Unblocking. What are the main features of this option? Well, People who will be blocked will never see you in their search and wont able to interact with you through any means.