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How To Install Windows 7 - Step By Step Method For Beginners -

Learn How To Install Windows 7 on PC or Laptop. This is Step By Step Method For Beginners with screenshots. You can

easily install windows 7 by below steps.

You should have to get your System Specifications and then search for it on Google. If Windows 7 Supports your sys

tem then begin this tutorial step by step. In this tutorial you will learn How To Install Windows 7.

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How to Install Linux on PC - Ubuntu Step by Step Guide -

Learn How to Install Linux on PC. Ubuntu is a linux Operating System. It is a very firm OS for developers. Read ste

p by step guide to install linux on PC.

how to install linux on PC ubuntu

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How To Lock a Folder With Password Protection Without Any Software -

Learn How to lock a Folder with Password without any software. You can lock a folder with lot of methods. But this

one is cool and without software.

alt="how to lock a folder with password" src="" width="400" height="312" />

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How to Use uTorrent and Speed Up Downloads -

Learn how to use uTorrent. It is a protocol which accesses storage place where millions of users upload their files

. Use uTorrent to speed up downloads

Just to share it with you. You can simply download free videos, songs, software’s and much more. You can also upl

oad the content anywhere anytime even if it is already been uploaded. It is a peer-to-peer protocol. It is cheap, fast and efficient. Secondly even if you internet connectivity is disconnected. Your partial downloads will be saved. uTorrent downloads can be easily resumed. This is a big plus point for uTorrent. Downloading can never be impacted due to network disconnections.

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How To Hide Friends List on Facebook From Friends - Simple Steps -

Learn How To Hide Friends List on Facebook From Friends easily. This will increase privacy. Your facebook friends w

ill not be able to see your friends list.

From a past few years Facebook is becoming a private social networking website. They added a privacy button on ever

y Facebook user profile so they can manage their posts. Now you can share your post to public or to friends. There are a lot of other changes that only the people you know, may interact with you only. Also that the Facebook introduced the new timeline, Some people still don’t like it but it is a part of Facebook now. Sometimes it is pretty hard to get the desired settings because you really don’t know where to get there. Second;y facebook has recently updated their design to time line. So the method to hide friends list on facebook is changed now. It is specially for persons who are much concerned about their privacy.